Stop the Greenbank Hotel apartment development building over the Falmouth foreshore  and the last green bank on the historic Falmouth waterfront

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How to make your views known

1. Write to the Planning Department of Carrick Council:

Send your comments to Mr. T. Marsh, Planning Department Development Control, Circuit House, St. Clement Street, Truro, Cornwall TR1 1EB, quoting Application reference EA02/2035/08/M. The department e-mail address is

You can also use the Carrick Council website to submit your comments electronically - click here for a link to the page

Letters, e-mails and comments MUST be in
before Wednesday 17th December 2008

2. Write to Falmouth Town Council

Send your comments to Councillor Michael Varney, Mayor of Falmouth, who also happens to be Chairman of Planning. His address is Falmouth Town Council
Municipal Buildings, The Moor, Falmouth TR11 2RT. You can also email him at

Send your comments to other Falmouth Town Councillors - click here for contact details - the proposed Greenbank Hotel development is located in the Penwerris ward, so it is particularly important to contact the Councillors for this ward, who are:-

* I.J. Body - 4 Carrick Road, Falmouth, Cornwall, TR11 4PQ Tel: 219229

* G.W. Chin-Quee - 29 Old Hill, Falmouth, Cornwall, TR11 2PR Tel: 212526 (mobile: 07940-993189)

* Dr. D.A. Sterratt - 27 Turnaware Road, Falmouth, Cornwall, TR11 4PH Tel: 318633

* D. Noakes - 1a Swanpool Street, Porthaven House, Falmouth, Cornwall, TR11 IHU Tel: 07974437097

It is suggested you copy any correspondence to Mr Mark Williams, Town Clerk, e-mail:

If you wish to send the same e-mail to Carrick Council Planning Department, copied to all members of the Carrick Council Planning Committees who have published their e-mail addresses, and to the Falmouth Town Council - click here to send simultaneously to all

You can also:-

E-mail your friends and suggest they look at this website, and suggest they write or e-mail their comments to Carrick Council and the local Town Councillors - it is not just Falmouth residents who have a right to express a view, but anyone who visits Falmouth or who has wider concerns for the historic environment, wherever they live.

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