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Links to information about the 2008-2009 Greenbank Hotel plans for an apartment development to the north of the hotel

Previous planning application by the Greenbank Hotel for an apartment development

New proposals to expand the Greenbank Hotel

The Greenbank Hotel has submitted a planning application to expand the hotel. Unlike previous applications, this has not been as widely publicised as previous applications to enlarge the hotel have been, and many people may not know about this yet. The planning application is here on the Cornwall Council website.

Local residents have a number of concerns about this new application, believing it to be inappropriate and with adverse effects on the area, which is in a Conservation Area, directly faces an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and absolutely surrounded with multiple listed buildings and features

Dunstanville Terrace

The Heritage Assessment submitted by the developers describe the site as “ ...with residential and commercial developments surrounding” it. This is patently not true. It is in an entirely residential area with just one commercial building - the hotel. The plan should be assessed in the context of a major expansion of that one commercial operation in a purely residential area.

The groups of houses along the road from Dunstanville through to Stratton Place, Stratton Terrace and Tehidy Terrace has in the Council's 2005 Cornwall and Scilly Urban Survey report been described as "... one of the most impressive waterfront façades in Cornwall" .

The same Cornwall and Scilly Urban Survey report (CSUS, 2005) includes a recommendation that there should be an aim to reduce or remove waterfront parking. The developer’s plan increases this substantially, with a very unattractive extension to the roadside parking area for the hotel. It is believed that no planning permission for the construction of the existing smaller roadside parking area in the late 1980s was ever sought, and it was only granted retrospectively as a Coach Park. This new planning application aims to roughly triple this waterfront parking area.


The increased number of hotel rooms in the proposal, plus the virtually doubled size of the restaurant/function area, is in no way catered for by the proposed increased waterfront parking, and will inevitably exacerbate existing traffic problems and parking along the local roads. The Transport Assessment submitted by the developers states “Public transport is therefore a realistic option for hotel residents and employees as a means of travel to and from the hotel”. This may be true for many of the employees, but guests of a quite expensive hotel simply do not carry or trundle their suitcases over a mile from the nearest railway station.

The plan has a “150 Pax new restaurant to satisfy the need of increased number of guests but also ... conferences and larger scale events such as weddings”. Local residents know that whenever there is an existing function at the hotel, parking in the nearby area goes from the normally difficult to near impossible, especially when the hotel erects a large marquee on its largest parking area - the quay. In June 2024 there is again such a marquee in place - the photo is from the hotel's own website advertising it's availability

It is significant that after about 30 years of using the undercover parking area at the hotel almost exclusively for hotel furniture and catering storage, and often keeping the access door locked, they have in the last few months suddenly marked out the interior with parking spaces and allowed cars to park there. This change appears to have coincided with the submission of this new planning application.

Residents of the local area have in the past repeatedly complained to Cornwall Council about the hotel’s non-use of these undercover parking spaces, as the 1989 planning application by the Greenbank Hotel to build this extension to the hotel was approved subject to the construction of this car parking area, and the planning permission stated " ...the said parking spaces shall not thereafter be obstructed or used for any other purpose". They are now hoping to turn this interior space into hotel bedrooms, replacing it with a massive expansion of waterfront parking.

The "undercover parking" approved in 1989 and
until 2024 not marked out or used for parking

The Greenbank area has long had problems with sewage. In 2000 major work was carried out near the Greenbank Hotel to improve sewerage, but flooding of both sewage and stormwater has remained a persistent problem in the area at times of heavy rain. It is believed that the proposed development will feed the same main sewers, and exacerbate the problem. Similar sewerage problems have also occurred frequently in the Stratton Terrace, Stratton Place and Dunstanville Terrace areas, including directly adjacent to the Greenbank Hotel.

The final factor in this proposal is one which does not much immediately affect many Falmouth residents, but will very definitely do so for residents of Flushing and water users. The new much expanded restaurant/function area has a totally modern curved glass-fronted frontage partially extending out over the quay walls. This will make a very incongruous modern addition to a long-standing view of rows of mainly Regency, Georgian and Victorian properties.

Proposed view from Fliushing

An earlier planning application by the Greenbank Hotel was rejected on a variety of grounds but primarily to quote from the Council’s Conservation Officer at the time because “...the principle of developing across the waterfront/foreshore was not acceptable in conservation terms because of the detrimental impact it would have on the character and appearance of this part of the Falmouth Conservation area”.



It is understood that the developers also own the Falmouth Hotel, which is a much larger hotel in a seafront area, in an area with many other medium and large hotels nearby. This would seem a more appropriate location to base a new larger function/conference/restaurant project, being on a very large site with much more options for car parking, and being quite close to a railway station.